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Cooking Tip: Try, Try, Try Again

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From reading blogs and books written by chefs, I’ve learned valuable cooking tip. It also is something that distinguishes them from us home cooks. Chefs perfect recipes. They tweak them, refine them, and substitute as necessary. Each one is an opportunity to learn a technique. Cooking Tip: It’s the Technique, Not the Recipe As a home cook, it pays to take the time to learn technique. By that I mean learning how to make a basic pan sauce or a master recipe for a vinaigrette. Cooking isn’t an out-of-the-box skill….read more


Reduce Stress, Find Peace

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When you find yourself in trying times, the ability to reduce stress becomes invaluable.The insidious thing about stress is how subtly it creeps into your life. Sometimes, it’s only when you get rid of its major sources do you realize how pervasive stress was in your life. That’s what I learned. Traumatic Events Leave a Mark You may decide to take a stoic approach to reduce stress. You swear that you won’t let it take over. Yet, small traumatic events add up if you don’t deal with them. They leave…read more


Candida Diets, False Hope

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I’ll say up front that this post has a particular mission. It is directed at the hype and pseudoscience of homeopathy and candida diets. Unfortunately, misinformed choices have consequences. I wanted to write this post to highlight the false hope of  candida diets in the search for anecdotal evidence. Some Background Through some twisted path of logic, many believe that an overgrowth of candida, a harmless fungus present in most people, exists. Though I am not aware of all the steps on that path, I have no doubt that Huffington…read more