Candida Diets, False Hope

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helathy fruits missing from candida dietsI‘ll say up front that this post has a particular mission. It is directed at the hype and pseudoscience of homeopathy and candida diets. Unfortunately, misinformed choices have consequences.

I wanted to write this post to highlight the false hope of  candida diets in the search for anecdotal evidence.

Some Background

Through some twisted path of logic, many believe that an overgrowth of candida, a harmless fungus present in most people, exists. Though I am not aware of all the steps on that path, I have no doubt that Huffington Post and the bogus book, The Yeast Connection, by the appropriately named Dr. William Crook, made cameo appearances.

Some many buy into the false remedies. That is the bane of the internet and the information overload. 

A Reality Check

First, the elephant in the room is celiac disease. It is often misdiagnosed as other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. 

The University of Chicago documented over 300 symptoms associated with the condition. Much of these are the result of nutrient deficiencies caused by malabsorption. The disease attacks the small intestine where 90 percent of ingested nutrients are absorbed.

But it gets more complicated. The nutrients often play a myriad of roles in the body. Magnesium, for example, influences over 300 reactions in the body. Because of its nature, celiac disease often remains cloaked by vague and non-diagnostic symptoms. This means that diagnosis and treatment require doctor intervention.

One of the first symptoms I knew about was the lactose intolerance. This condition often shows up in newly diagnosed patients. Initial intestinal damage interferes with lactose digestion. But again, it is still challenging to diagnose. 

Fortunately, there are doctors who stick with traditional medicine and don’t buy into these false “cures,” like the diet. 

Second, active celiac means  malabsorption is occurring. That can account for many vague symptoms like palpitations, GI distress, fatigue, among others.

Third, the last thing anyone experiencing malabsorption needs is a restricted diet! The body is already compromised by the disease. Exacerbating this dangerous condition is not a wise course of action however well-meaning.

The Evidence of Candida Diets

The so-called candida overgrowth doesn’t exist. It belongs in the same cesspool as detox, colon cleanses and all of that other bullshit promoted by know-nothings on the internet.

The evidence for candida overgrowth, the efficacy of the diet and cleanses just aren’t there. The whole concept of detox is a scam and fraud.

I am aware of gluten around me. I am also gluten intolerant.  Common foods spell trouble, including things like beef jerky, candies, and soy sauce. I even came across a jam with wheat syrup. 

Cross contamination is also an issue. It’s a gluten minefield out there. You can’t be too careful. For a celiac disease patient, this situation can open the door to other autoimmune conditions.

The important thing is to gets the facts. Seek out objective science to answer health questions. It’s your best defense against the misinformation that permeates popular media and the internet. 

By Chris DR/

photo credit: Pilules via photopin (license)