Chicken Meatballs Worth Making

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chicken meatballsChicken meatballs might not be the first thing that comes to mind for a special dinner. However, if you make the recipe from, you may change your mind.

Chicken Meatballs Re-Invented

As a whole, the recipe presents some challenges. A lot is going on. But you can plan your time easily to stay busy and not overwhelmed. My special challenge was to make this recipe gluten free.

I don’t go this route because it’s trendy; I have to. The questions for the meatball part were the stock and bread crumbs. To get around the maybes with gluten-free broths, I make my own. A pressure cooker makes the job quicker with tastier results.

For bread crumbs, I rely on an American Test Kitchen hack: using instant potato flakes. If there’s anything you learn quickly by cooking free, it is to learn resourcefulness. It is an essential skill.

Assembling the Ingredients

The recipe had another gluten obstacle to overcome with the frico, or Parmesan crisps. Again, flour stands in as ingredient, but a gluten-free all purpose flour works fine. Yes, it adds another step, but you can make them ahead of time. Besides, they are delicious with a good Parmesan.

The polenta recipe is a tried-and-true one. It is a standard prep that you’ll find anywhere—because it’s good. I would suggest following the recipe for it as indicated. The stirring may seem like overkill, but it reduces the lumps that distract from the presentation.

Lessons Learned

Perhaps the standout lesson I learned was about the tomatoes. As beautiful as they looked, fresh tomatoes just don’t have it for a recipe where they must shine. And that means canned tomatoes. It’s not bad if they’re at peak freshness. You need good tomatoes to make this recipe a must-do.

The combination of chicken meatballs, polenta, and tomato ragoût make this recipe date worthy. A little sprinkling of basil or parsley would make it pop. Your dinner companion(s) will think it’s all fancy. Bon appetit! Chris DR

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