Lift Weights to Lose Weight

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lift weights catYou know that exercise is important for good health. In addition to helping you look great, scheduling time to lift weights may boost the benefits you get from working out. A study by Harvard School of Public Health found that weightlifting may keep your waistline in check.

Controlling Belly Fat

The researchers carried out the study that involved a cohort of 10,500 healthy American men. Between vigorous cardio activity and weightlifting, the latter had the strongest association with less belly fat accumulation. There’s more to your workout when you lift weights.

But you need to make it a habit. In the study, men worked out with a a 20-minute per day activity increase. That isn’t much, but it is significant in terms of the benefits it provides.

Additional Health Benefits

As much as you—and me—don’t like to think about it, muscle loss occurs with age. However, by incorporating weightlifting into your routine now, you can slow it. All the aches and pains associated with DOMS will be worth it in the long haul.

When you build muscles, you have a body that looks sculpted and healthy. Your muscle is more metabolically active, so you benefit from your efforts even when inactive. And then there’s the sense of accomplishment. You look great. You feel great. You can do what you want with no hesitation.

I live by an older couple. Before his stroke, the man would drive his car from his garage to the mailbox to get the mail. When my husband came to visit, the woman asked him to come to the downstairs entrance because she didn’t want to walk up the steps. That’s not how you want to age.

We think about saving and our retirement. Exercise and weightlifting are another type of investment. It’s banking for our quality of life. And you are so worth it. Chris DR
photo credit: Oliver After Weight Training via photopin (license)