New Year’s Eve Dinner

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New Year's Eve DinnerOkay, if there is a time for decadence, it is New Year’s Eve dinner. My husband and I celebrate our Christmas on New Year’s Eve since we’re traveling over the holiday. We stay home, avoiding amateur night on the roads and bars. The meal typically includes seafood. This year was no exception.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Equals Butter

If I had to pick a theme for our meal, it would be butter. How could you not like butter-poached lobster? Or how about shrimp bay scallops poached in vanilla butter? (I subbed bay scallops for the shrimp in this recipe because I adore their sweetness.)

We also enjoyed roasted snow crab. Honestly, it was so fresh and sweet too that we didn’t miss the butter. Buying seafood on New Year’s Eve is a safe bet because of the rapid turnover; you know you’re getting the freshest possible.

Sous Vide, Anyone?

I did something different for this New Year’s Eve dinner. Except for the crab, I prepared our meal a lá sous vide. I added the vanilla, butter, and spices to the scallops and vacuum-sealed them. For the lobster, it was a luscious beurre monté.

After preparing this meal, I can totally understand why chefs like sous vide. It’s forgiving. It’s hands-off. You have time to concentrate on the other parts of the meal. It doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, and did I mention no clean up?

The dinner was outstanding. Even Sophie, our cat, enjoyed the feast. We exchanged our gifts afterward and reflected on the year as we sipped our sparkling wine. Our trips over the past year made it special. We had great times together and with the family. We both took up the guitar and brought music to our home. It was a very good year. Chris DR

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