Pressure Cooker Stew

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pressure cooker stew recipesIf you’ve never had one before, you owe it to yourself to try a pressure cooker stew recipe. Get ready for a taste sensation, sure to knock your socks off.

Why Make a Pressure Cooker Stew?

The biggest advantage of using a pressure cooker is time. A stew that might take hours to braise is complete in a half hour. I know; I made one last night. I followed the recipe, “Pork Shoulder Fricassee with Apples and Morels,” from Nathan Myhrvold’s book, “Modernist Cuisine at Home.”

On a side note, if you want to treat yourself to one good cookbook, stop here. This is the one. You’ll learn things that will make you excel as a serious home cook.

A pressure cooker stew plays out similar to a braise. With this recipe, I did not sear the cut-up pork prior to the recipe. I surmise that the sear would be lost during the pressure cooking. All that caramelization would go to waste. That part comes later.

The Taste Difference

I don’t claim to know all what happens in that locked pan. But then I don’t know how Houdini got out of those cuffs while hidden from behind the curtain. Suffice to say that it’s magic.

The tenderness of the meat surpasses that of a regular braise due to the high pressure. And this leads me to another advantage—mouth feel and texture. A pressure cooker stew has something more.

While a pressure cooker stew is great, so too are wings done in one. The falling-off-the-bone wing you’ve dreamed about awaits you without the mess of frying nor the time commitment with baked wings. And you can save on the calories!

Don’t Be Afraid

I’ll admit that it took me awhile to pop for a pressure cooker. I was scared of it. But modern cookers are much safer. This is probably one time that you’d want to pass on the cooker at a garage sale or the resale shop.

They’re not that expensive. You can get one for under $100. Fagor is a decent brand with quality products. Armed with a pressure cooker and Myhrvold’s book, you can make a lot of those extra special additions for meals like garlic confit.

As the temperature drops again here in the Midwest, think about the comfort foods you can make with a pressure cooker. By the time you have the walk shoveled, a delightful pressure cooker stew can be waiting for you. Chris DR

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