Protein Intake Matters

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protein intake healthy dietMy husband told me about a brief conversation he had with a co-worker. He was drinking a protein drink during a break. The co-worker, who he doesn’t know, said to him, “You know too much protein is bad for you.” Why his protein intake mattered to her at all baffled him—and me—she is wrong, according to a study by the American Physiological Society (APS).

Protein Intake and Muscle Building

Proteins serve numerous functions in the body, anywhere from the collagen in your skin to the hemoglobin in your blood to your muscles. You’d think how could more be bad. The study from APS challenges the dietary protein intake of 0.8 grams/kilogram of body weight. In some cases, more is better.

As you get older, lots of factors interfere your body’s muscle-building efficiency. You produce less, which can start of vicious cycle of muscle atrophy. The researchers found that protein intake influences protein synthesis and balance in older adults.

Maintaining Good Health

The findings confirm the importance of a good diet. We get that when it comes to kids and proper nutrition. What the study shows is that older adults also have specific dietary needs. Additional protein can help offset some of the challenges of being active as you age.

Mobility is one of the primary indicators of a good quality of life. You certainly want to be able to get around okay, take care of your basic needs, and avoid being dependent. Good muscle tone supports that lifestyle. Adequate protein intake gets it done.

The researchers did not find significant differences on the pattern of intake. Popular media often recommends distributing protein evenly through your meals. Instead, the total amount of protein made the difference in muscle protein synthesis and not when it was consumed.

Of course, satiety and habitat may dictate when you include protein in your diet. It’s good to know that you can take charge of your health and well being by making dietary changes, beginning with your protein intake. Chris DR
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