Slow Cooking to New Heights

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slow cooking short ribsSometimes, you make a recipe that just makes you say wow. The Spicy Slow-Cooked Short Ribs with Lime & Basil recipe from took slow cooking to new heights.

Slowing Cooking Convenience

I don’t use slow cooking nearly enough. Some meats scream for it. Beef short ribs is one of them. As you find with many recipes, it is a multi-step procedure with multiple pots. With my Ninja cooker, I could do it in one pan. Huge advantage!

When a recipe like this says brown the meat, well, do just that. Slow cooking misses out on the yummy caramelization that comes from other cooking methods. You have to take charge of that task. Don’t be afraid to get that pan really hot to do the job right.

Simplicity Itself

The few ingredients belie the great flavors awaiting you. But that’s what makes slow cooking so magical. Something wonderful happens under that lid for those several hours. And as always, some recipes require minor tweaks.

I didn’t have lime marmalade, as delicious as it sounded. I used orange marmalade instead. I followed the recipe as is, although, it look less time in my Ninja cooker. Note to self: keep an eye on this one. I ended up turning the slow cooker to low to finish the recipe.

Making Use of Special Ingredients

A wonderful olive oil place opened up near us recently. It was my source for some delightful Spanish olive oil I purchased for our authentic tapas party on Christmas Eve. I also scored another fabulous find.

Instead of the white wine vinegar the recipe called for, I added a half teaspoon of aged peach white balsamic vinegar. OMG! Amazing! The vinegar is sublime. When I tried it at the shop, I couldn’t believe that I was drinking vinegar and liking it! It was that good.

I rounded off the meal with sauteed bok choy and jasmine rice to keep with the theme. The perfumy rice complimented the spicy aromas of the beef like a champ.

I know something is good when my husband says, “Put this one on the rotation.” Yes, it is. On some cold and miserable night, I’ll bring some sunshine into the dining room with this short ribs recipe. I may even pop for the lime marmalade. Doesn’t it sound divine in a gin and tonic riff? Chris DR

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